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Symptoms of the Corona Varus

The coronavirus is a very new virus that just apparat in 2019. Since then it has killed a lot of people mainly because it is air-bone. This makes it very easy for it to spare very easily. Mostly when in an over crowed if one person has it can get to all of you very easily. Very day in our life we meet new people thus it was easy for the virus to spread to very many people in every country. Since it was new people did not have the vision for it thus it killed so many people in very few hours. It killed mostly the old nag the small children because their immunity is not that strong. These are some of the symptoms of the coronavirus.

When you get the coronavirus you will be able to experience fever. Your templates will be very high. The high temperature makes the body very hot and the vies to have a hard to pump the blood. The high fever makes the body very weak. The person will also group a lot. The group is mostly very dry. This how you will be able to differentiate it from the normal gouge. The gouge is also very frequent. Read more about flask at

There is also a short of the berth. The person will fang it very difficult to breathe. The body needs a lot of oxygen to we can savvier thus when we are not able to breathe well the body is not able to function as normal. When not takes to the hospital immediately you may end up dying. You will also get fatigued. The energy to anything will die and you will have general weakness. You will mostly be in bed or site because you will not be able to do anything. Get the volumetric flask today!

You will have a very strong and frequent headache. The headache does not stop even when you take the pain killer it does not stop at all. You will county to get frequent headaches. You will also have a lot of body pain. Every part of your body will have pain. It will even be hard for you to move. You will lose your test of smell and tests. When you try to eat you don’t feel the test thus you will lose the petit to each ant thing and this will lead to weight loss. Your through will be very sore. This makes your bossy very weak and you will feel bad. When you get this sighs you should go immediacy to the hospital. Check this website at for more info!

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